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We are faculty, students, parents, alumni, staff, and friends of the University of Virginia who support UVA's Statement on Free Expression and Inquiry. 


In 2021, the Committee on Free Expression and Free Inquiry at the University of Virginia published a strong statement regarding freedom of speech at UVA.  The committee was comprised of faculty, students, administrators, and alumni.  The statement was endorsed by UVA President Jim Ryan and unanimously adopted by the University’s Board of Visitors. 

Today we stand with the Committee in support of free speech at the University of Virginia.  We believe that students have the freedom to speak, write, listen, and learn about all views and beliefs, and that faculty should be free to cultivate critical thinking and open engagement both in and out of the classroom to the fullest extent possible. 


It is not uncommon to read reports in the news of hostility faced by speakers with controversial or unpopular views on college campuses. Moreover, several studies indicate that many college students engage in self-censorship because they do not feel comfortable asking questions or expressing their own viewpoints in class. The University of Virginia is committed to protecting the rights of students and faculty to explore different ideas and discuss them publicly. As the UVA Statement on Free Speech and Free Inquiry states,"All views, beliefs, and perspectives deserve to be articulated and heard free from interference." Hoos for Free Speech endorses this view and works to protect these freedoms on Grounds.


Other organizations on Grounds work to encourage and support free speech and viewpoint diversity for both students and faculty. Look for events and activities sponsored by these groups.

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